Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Web Cam

Room's 1, 2, and 3 have had sooooo many caterpillars, then chrysalises and then butterflies this year! We had a problem though - we wanted to see a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis but they always seemed to do it at night or on the weekend. The other problem was that it took a long time to watch the process and we don't always have the time to watch. William's Dad, Rob came up with a solution.

Rob was kind enough to set up a web cam in our middle space over the last 2 weeks. He programmed it to take 1 picture each minute or so. We pointed our web cam at the cocoons that were ready to hatch. And then waited.

At the end of the week Rob came in and took away the footage - sure enough there were some pictures of our butterfly hatching. He put them together to make a time-lapse movie for us. We were so amazed at watching it come out. Fantastic! Thanks Rob!
We also had a look at some other timelapse videos that Rob brought in to show us. We really liked the slowed down video of people sneezing and now we are always sure to catch our sneezes in either a tissue or our elbow!

Our Video from the Web Cam - can you see it getting dark? Can you catch the time when it hatches?


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